Streamline your traffic studies with OpenRoads ConceptStation and PTV Vissim

Discover how combining Bentley’s OpenRoads ConceptStation with PTV VISSIM provides a competitive advantage.

In September this year, Bentley Systems announced OpenRoads ConceptStation, a conceptual modeling application that empowers highway engineering professionals to quickly create conceptual road and bridge models in a matter of hours – not days.Read more

#VisiOnAir: Modelling traffic-actuated signal controls with VisVAP

The use of traffic-actuated signal control has long been common in cities and local districts. Today, road users make the lights go green themselves, pedestrians by pressing a button, motorists using traffic detectors. “The traffic-actuated signal control is a response to current demand,” explains Sven Beller, modelling expert for smart traffic control systems at the PTV Group.… Read more

#VisiOnAir: New data sources for the transport model

Gathering data is usually associated with high time and personnel expenses

Data is the basis of every transport model. Only models with good data will produce good results. However, gathering data is usually associated with high time and personnel expenses. Empiric speed data like “TomTom Traffic Stats” offers a good alternative to carrying out your own investigations.Read more

Shift from visionary to doer with free webinars by PTV Vision Traffic!

#VisiOnAirWithout the help of suitable tools and solid know-how, visions can remain nothing more than bold ideas. Make technology part of your implementation strategy so you can use it to fulfil your plans. You can learn how to turn your visionary concepts in the area of traffic planning into action step by step by attending our free webinars.Read more

Practice makes the master

Screenshot of the internet platform CAPSUT

The internet platform CAPSUT

Are you looking for an easy way to enhance your knowledge about sustainable mobility? Then have a glance at CAPSUT!

To date 290 trainings, e-learning and webinars on sustainable urban transport are listed on – an international platform dedicated to capacity building in sustainable urban transport.… Read more

Live at your desk: PTV Visum and PTV Vissim webinars!

Webinar_iStock_000025700860SmallWhether you’re a proficient user of the strategic planning software PTV Visum and/or the multimodal microscopic simulation tool PTV Vissim or would like to see the world leading software in detail for the first time – be invited to our new and free of charge webinar series in 2014!… Read more

PTV introduces PTV Vistro in free global webinar series

PTV Vistro is PTV’s latest traffic engineering tool for conducting traffic studies and optimising traffic signals.

Take the chance and get to know PTV Vistro personally and free of charge – from your own desk! In 45-minute topical online seminars, our experts will demonstrate PTV Vistro’s extensive functionality and how to use it in various areas of traffic engineering projects.… Read more