Big Data in transport modelling

PTV Group releases white paper about new data sources for transport modelling.

PTV Group releases white paper about new data sources for transport modelling.

Currently 2.5 exabytes of electronic data are produced per day. But how do you turn Big Data into intelligence? In a new white paper PTV Group is answering that question and shows how new data sources can be used in transport modelling.Read more

3 release highlights PTV Visum 14 has to offer

Traffic situation in Zurich

PTV Visum 14 shows up with rubberbanding, extended distributed computing and more.

Want to know more about the new release of the world’s leading transport planning software? We assembled for you the major new functionality highlights of PTV Visum 14.

Highlight No. 1 – Rubberbanding

Whether on your way to work or on the way home, you may well decide to make an unplanned stop, at the shops en route, for example.… Read more

New video: PTV Group in 2 minutes

PTV Group presents integrated solutions for transportation and transport logistics.

“We plan and optimise everything which moves people and goods worldwide” – this is the coporate vision as announced by Vincent Kobesen, CEO of PTV Group. Since the foundation of the company in 1979, PTV has been impressively demonstrating its expertise in the fields of transportation and transport logistics for both the public and private sector.… Read more

Shaping Transportation 2014


Meet us at Shaping Transportation 2014 in Berlin

Our travel behaviour is changing: More and more people now leave their cars at home and opt instead for stress-free travel by rail, bus or bike. Strengthening eco-mobility is a positive trend. However, as the use of transport modes shifts, are the cities ready?Read more

Turning the corner


To reduce the number of accidents, the local authority of the province of Arezzo integrated road safety work into the strategic planning process.

In many regions, having access to high-quality accident data cannot be taken for granted. Accident data and supplementary information are the key to proactive road safety work, a fact that Paolo Vadi knows well.Read more

VISualising and SIMulating Traffic

Yellow taxis at Times Square in New York City

With PTV Vissim one can model every type of transportation mode.

When it comes to traffic, the recipe for evaluating a piece of infrastructure such as an intersection seems to be relatively simple. You use the information in the relevant design manuals, the number of vehicles passing the intersection, you assign the volumes to the different movements and you then take a reading from the existing tables and diagrams of the average waiting times for road users.Read more

6th PTV Vision Traffic Asia-Pacific UGM in Bali


Bali as location for the 6th PTV Vision Traffic Asia-Pacific UGM

The PTV Group is proud to announce the 6th PTV Vision Traffic UGM with the event participation in Bali, 17-18 October. PTV Asia-Pacific invites engineers, planners and operators from public sector authorities, the private sector as well as from academia to participate in this exciting event.Read more