Compendium of research papers at the TRB 2018 – now online!

PTV Group booth at the TRB 2018 Annual Meeting

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The documents within this research compendium were prepared and submitted to the Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting a five-day conference that took place from January 7 – 11, 2018 in in Washington D.C.… Read more

How do you manage two million citizens during the Pope’s visit to Colombia?

Pope Francis greeting the crowds in his Popemobile

Pope Francis greeting the crowds in his Popemobile. Image source: Pixabay

It has been 31 years since a pope visited Colombia. Each visit symbolises unity, and this time, Pope Francis wants to promote peace. The five-day trip from 6 – 11 September draws between two to three million citizens from around the country to the capital city of Bogotá.Read more

New use of old technology: How high can you go with cable cars as urban mass transit system?

Mi Teleferico is an aerial cable car urban transit system in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

Cable car technology existed more than a hundred years ago, and first saw the light of day in cities such as London, San Francisco and Naples in the form of funiculars.Read more

Webinar: Why Simulate Connected & Autonomous Vehicles On Our Transport Systems?

Advancements in technology and increases demand over the past few years has seen Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s) take centre stage in discussions about the look of future vehicle fleets. Many of the top automotive manufacturers and technology companies have advanced prototypes operating on our roads and are working towards the day when cars do everything and you’re just along for the ride.Read more

Mesoscopic simulation with PTV Vissim 8

Hybrid simulation in PTV Vissim 8 combines mesoscopic and microscopic simulation.

Hybrid simulation in PTV Vissim 8 combines mesoscopic and microscopic simulation.

PTV Vissim 8 introduces mesoscopic simulation to the Vision Traffic Suite. This additional modelling level speeds up simulation by a factor of 50 compared to microscopic simulation. PTV Group is presenting the new feature for the first time at ITS World in Bordeaux (Booth A99). Read more

Winnipeg – the PTV city

The city of Winnipeg uses Vision Traffic Software inter-divisionaly.

The City of Winnipeg (Canada) uses Vision Traffic Software inter-divisionaly.

If there were a PTV world championship, Winnipeg would come out on top. With PTV Visum, PTV Vissim and PTV Vistro, the Canadian city already uses three software products from the PTV Group, covering different aspects of transportation planning in the city.Read more

Shift from visionary to doer with free webinars by PTV Vision Traffic!

#VisiOnAirWithout the help of suitable tools and solid know-how, visions can remain nothing more than bold ideas. Make technology part of your implementation strategy so you can use it to fulfil your plans. You can learn how to turn your visionary concepts in the area of traffic planning into action step by step by attending our free webinars.Read more