Event Recap: TRB 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C

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TRB 2018 was an exciting, action-packed meeting with more than 5,000 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops. In conjunction with this year’s theme; Transportation: Moving the Economy of the Future, we are proud to showcase to policymakers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions our latest innovations and evolution as a brand.… Read more

PTV Vissim Tip: Add objects with predefined attribute values

Surely you came across a situation in network coding where you wanted to add a new network object with the same values as an already defined one (e.g. when coding speeds in your Vissim network).

This is the ideal application for the duplicate functionality: Simply drag the desired object with the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key and place it at the position where it should be added.Read more

PTV Visum Tip: Data export to MS Excel: storing correct numerical values

When exporting or copying to Excel (by file or clipboard, of lists or matrices) number formats or number values are sometimes changed. Why?

This might be related to the setting for the decimal symbol as point or comma, which needs to be equal for both Visum and Excel:

  • Excel can use the corresponding Windows setting: Control panel -> Regional and Language -> Format -> Additional settings/Customize -> “Decimal symbol” and “Digit grouping symbol”
  • Excel 2010 can override this option: Excel Options -> Advanced -> Use system separators -> “Decimal separator” and “Thousands separator”

In Visum this is a program setting:

  • Visum10/11/12: Extras -> Options -> Formats -> Decimal separator
  • Visum13/14: Edit -> User Preferences -> Formats -> Decimal separator
Read more

Live at your desk: PTV Visum and PTV Vissim webinars!

Webinar_iStock_000025700860SmallWhether you’re a proficient user of the strategic planning software PTV Visum and/or the multimodal microscopic simulation tool PTV Vissim or would like to see the world leading software in detail for the first time – be invited to our new and free of charge webinar series in 2014!… Read more

Seasonal PTV Vision Traffic package specials

Santa-Claus-Weihnachtsmann-Notebook_iStock-Kmonroe2_000021727973MediumThe gift-giving season is drawing closer. And what’s better than treat yourself or your colleagues with something special – for example state of the art technology PTV Visum, Vissim, Viswalk or Vistro from the PTV Vision Traffic Suite complemented with consistent traffic data as well as consulting services and trainings offered by PTV?… Read more

Waiting for the Prince


Waiting for the Prince

The ITS World Congress has open its doors in Tokyo for the delegates and all are appreciating the visit of the Royal Highness, Prince and Princess Akishinonomiya. An impression from PTV’s booth. Visit us at stand #067 to get to know PTV Optima.… Read more

PTV Optima: from offline to online


PTV Group and KKE present real-time traffic solutions at ITS World Congress Tokyo

Japan’s capital has been chosen as the host of the 2020 Summer Olympics. The expectations of a positive effect on the economy are very high. This is also true of the transportation sector and should push forward discussions on efficient transportation systems, intermodality and traffic management at the ITS World Congress in Tokyo.Read more