VISualising and SIMulating Traffic

Yellow taxis at Times Square in New York City

With PTV Vissim one can model every type of transportation mode.

When it comes to traffic, the recipe for evaluating a piece of infrastructure such as an intersection seems to be relatively simple. You use the information in the relevant design manuals, the number of vehicles passing the intersection, you assign the volumes to the different movements and you then take a reading from the existing tables and diagrams of the average waiting times for road users.Read more

Zurich is gearing up for the future

The City of Zurich uses PTV Visum and PTV Vissim for transport planning.

Scarcity of the resource “Road” is one of the major challenges with which the City of Zurich is currently confronted. The Department for Transport has implemented a computer-based transport laboratory in order to efficiently manage the city’s overall road network.Read more

Free webinar on “Line bundling in PTV Visum” on 20 November

With the strengthening of the conditions for competition, the European Union has reorganized the procedure for awarding line licences by introducing a Europe-wide tendering process for line bundling. The bundling of lines to partial networks, which can be serviced by several operators, serves economic operation and the pooling of services.… Read more

Experience Olympic London at the ITS World Congress in Vienna

With 5.5 million people visiting the British capital daily, the Olympic Games in London were a resounding success – partly due to the perfect traffic planning by local organisers.

Visit us from 22 to 26 October at the 19th ITS World Congress 2012 in Vienna at stand P4 and find out about the temporary traffic planning and technical measures – implemented on the basis of the PTV Visum, Vissim and Viswalk software solutions from the Vision Traffic Suite – that successfully kept London traffic flowing.… Read more

Colorize zones individually

A classic GIS application: How to colorize a map to ensure that neighbouring countries never share the same colour? Transferred onto PTV Visum: How to colorize zones individually?
To create such a map with PTV Visum, proceed this way:

  • In the dialog “Edit graphic parameters” use the “Classified drawing mode”.
Read more

PTV Summer School 2012

This is the fourth time that students of the Turkish Sakarya University were taking part in PTV’s annual Summer School program. Besides training the students in traffic planning with Vision Traffic products, the program was also aimed at a cultural exchange between students and professionals. Beyond practical training and knowledge transfer, the seven-days excursion to Karlsruhe was accompanied by leisure activities such as a biking tour through Karlsruhe city.… Read more