VISualising and SIMulating Traffic

Yellow taxis at Times Square in New York City

With PTV Vissim one can model every type of transportation mode.

When it comes to traffic, the recipe for evaluating a piece of infrastructure such as an intersection seems to be relatively simple. You use the information in the relevant design manuals, the number of vehicles passing the intersection, you assign the volumes to the different movements and you then take a reading from the existing tables and diagrams of the average waiting times for road users.Read more

European Transport Conference in Germany for the first time


The ETC 2013 will take place in Frankfurt (Germany). The PTV Group puts a focus on transport safety with PTV Visum Safety.

Starting this year, ETC will be greeting you in Germany! The ‘European Transport Conference‘ is the European forum for the transport industry.Read more

Editing 3D signal heads

For realistic display of signal heads PTV Vissim offers a wide selection of 3D signal displays for various applications. Besides many configurations for “normal” traffic display it includes specific signal pictures for bikes, pedestrians and public transport. Even digital counters are included.

A new 3D signal head is generated in 2D mode by pressing “New 3D signal” inside the signal head dialog.… Read more

The final: The mind of movement – the challenge

Our challenge has been your companion over the past 20 weeks. Today, we are pleased to announce our “Grand Final” and we would like to know how well you know our new Brand Movie. In which sequence does “He” offer “Her” a bouquet of flowers while the speaker says, “There is someone who supplies you with the means to make sure that a heart’s wish can be fulfilled in a heartbeat“?… Read more

Updated Traffic Modelling guidelines by TfL

We were told at the Users Group Meeting in October that some of you are using the traffic modelling guidelines by Transport for London (TfL).

TfL recently produced an updated version of the traffic modelling guidelines which provides overarching guidance on the appropriate standard of modelling expected for traffic signal schemes in London.… Read more