Optimising the flow of traffic and protecting the environment – with real-time forecasting

With the help of real-time traffic forecasting, the city of Erfurt significantly reduced environmental damage.

Hitting two birds with just one stone: by adding PTV Optima to its traffic management system, the German mid-sized city Erfurt managed to optimise traffic flow on its narrow and historic roads and at the same time demonstrably reduced environmental damage and emissions.Read more

When will the bus arrive?

The bus will arrive at 8:42 a.m. – at least according to the timetable. Reality, however, is often different. Traffic accidents, constructions or congestions can easily mess up the timetables that have been planned off-line. The new module PTV Optima Public Transport ETA now provides public transport managers with a tool to reliably calculate Estimated Times of Arrival (ETA) for all their vehicles even in unplanned situations, raising automatic alerts for missed connections and providing dedicated KPI to quickly evaluate the public transport performances.Read more

3 steps towards real-time traffic management

Can streets be one step ahead? Take a glimpse into the future: PTV Optima shows you what traffic will look like in the next 30 – 60 minutes. This way you can manage traffic in real time – and quickly spot and eliminate problems before they arise.… Read more

The Strategy – How Cities Manage Traffic


The PTV Group initiates the online survey “The Strategy – How Cities Manage Traffic”

It has to be commercially-viable, environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable. The long-term traffic planning efforts are considerable. But how do we translate a project into tangible action? Here, anyone would like to able to be a fly on the wall and take a look at what the neighbours’ strategy is.Read more

New video: PTV Group in 2 minutes

PTV Group presents integrated solutions for transportation and transport logistics.

“We plan and optimise everything which moves people and goods worldwide” – this is the coporate vision as announced by Vincent Kobesen, CEO of PTV Group. Since the foundation of the company in 1979, PTV has been impressively demonstrating its expertise in the fields of transportation and transport logistics for both the public and private sector.… Read more

Ahead of time


Piedmont relies on PTV Optima for real-time traffic management

Covering an area of 25,000 square kilometres, Piedmont is, after Sicily, Italy’s second largest region. Its provinces are intersected by 34,000 kilometres of main road. Managing traffic and providing mobility information in this region is the job of 5T.Read more

Cutting CO2 emissions in road traffic? eCoMove shows how it is done!

Road transport is one of the biggest sources of air pollution. Therefore, this is an important area with considerable leverage for CO2reduction and climate protection.

That is the reason why the EU Commission promotes projects which tackle this problem. The EU-funded eCoMove project consists of 31 project partners investigating the question of how to reduce travel times in cities and protect the climate by intelligently combining the latest vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies.… Read more