New video: PTV Group in 2 minutes

PTV Group presents integrated solutions for transportation and transport logistics.

“We plan and optimise everything which moves people and goods worldwide” – this is the coporate vision as announced by Vincent Kobesen, CEO of PTV Group. Since the foundation of the company in 1979, PTV has been impressively demonstrating its expertise in the fields of transportation and transport logistics for both the public and private sector.… Read more

The simulated journey


Eugen Diner is a scientist at the Institute for Road Traffic at RWTH University Aachen and works on various projects and studies related to road safety

For more than 80 years, the Institut für Straßenwesen (Institute for Road Traffic – isac) at RWTH University Aachen has been instructing on planning, equipping and operating road traffic systems.Read more

New release: PTV Vistro 2

Shotbotique-Marc-Trautmann_PTV-VistroPTV Vistro 2 is out now! The latest version provides numerous new featueres, from those for building up networks, via analysis to reporting, adding efficiency to users’s workflow.

Find below more on the major technical advancements of the traffic engineering software or test it yourself with the free trial version of PTV Vistro 2.

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Long-awaited PTV Vissim 6 version is now available


PTV Vissim 6 is the new release of the world leading traffic simulation software. It provides modern GUI technology and numerous improved features supporting typical workflows.

With the release of PTV Vissim 6, PTV Group has conquered the Mount Olympus of Traffic Simulation. We have invested a great deal of time to develop a new basic architecture of the world’s leading traffic simulation software which has undergone a major redesign.Read more

Online meets Offline


Online simulation is the ideal solution for improving traffic flow and road network utilisation.

Online simulation is the ideal solution for improving traffic flow and road network utilisation. PTV Optima developed by SISTeMA and PTV Group is a tool which provides dynamic traffic projections that are ahead of “real” time.Read more

New topical webinars on PTV Vistro

Continuing our global webinar series on PTV Vistro, PTV’s latest traffic engineering tool for conducting traffic studies, evaluating new development impacts, and timing signals, we are introducing now new, free online seminars putting emphasis on signal timing, basic traffic impact analysis and advanced traffic impact analysis.… Read more

PTV introduces PTV Vistro in free global webinar series

PTV Vistro is PTV’s latest traffic engineering tool for conducting traffic studies and optimising traffic signals.

Take the chance and get to know PTV Vistro personally and free of charge – from your own desk! In 45-minute topical online seminars, our experts will demonstrate PTV Vistro’s extensive functionality and how to use it in various areas of traffic engineering projects.… Read more