PTV Vissim Tip: Vehicle routing decisions look ahead

Driving Behavior Parameter Set

Driving Behavior Parameter Set

The new option “Vehicle routing decisions look ahead” is available in the driving behavior parameters.

If set, it enables vehicles to anticipate an upcoming static routing decision on the destination link of their current static route. The route to be used from this upcoming decision is selected already when the vehicle passes the previous static routing decision, and that route is considered for the lane choice continuously.Read more

PTV Vissim Tip: Add objects with predefined attribute values

Surely you came across a situation in network coding where you wanted to add a new network object with the same values as an already defined one (e.g. when coding speeds in your Vissim network).

This is the ideal application for the duplicate functionality: Simply drag the desired object with the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key and place it at the position where it should be added.Read more

PTV Vissim tip: Display type options

The following options are provided for links and connectors with a thickness > 0:

  • Shaded sides: similar as for vehicles the lighting of links/connectors depends on the viewing angle.
  • All sides same colour/texture as top side: Useful for bridges or other structures. Also if you wish to use links as graphical walls in your 3D scene as the texture placed on that link is then displayed as “wall side”.
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Editing 3D signal heads

For realistic display of signal heads PTV Vissim offers a wide selection of 3D signal displays for various applications. Besides many configurations for “normal” traffic display it includes specific signal pictures for bikes, pedestrians and public transport. Even digital counters are included.

A new 3D signal head is generated in 2D mode by pressing “New 3D signal” inside the signal head dialog.… Read more

Colorize zones individually

A classic GIS application: How to colorize a map to ensure that neighbouring countries never share the same colour? Transferred onto PTV Visum: How to colorize zones individually?
To create such a map with PTV Visum, proceed this way:

  • In the dialog “Edit graphic parameters” use the “Classified drawing mode”.
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