Knowledge World Cup

Australia, Chile, Germany, France, Iran, Japan, Macedonia, Peru, Spain, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Vietnam … Over a period of 21 weeks, about 1,000 people from 38 countries participated in our “The Mind of Movement“ challenge and answered questions on traffic, transport & logistics. Thanks to their participation and answers to the questions, 21,000 tickets were put into the prize draw.… Read more

The final: The mind of movement – the challenge

Our challenge has been your companion over the past 20 weeks. Today, we are pleased to announce our “Grand Final” and we would like to know how well you know our new Brand Movie. In which sequence does “He” offer “Her” a bouquet of flowers while the speaker says, “There is someone who supplies you with the means to make sure that a heart’s wish can be fulfilled in a heartbeat“?… Read more

The mind of movement – the challenge

The Möbius strip neither has a top and bottom nor an inside and outside. Within the scope of its new branding concept, the PTV Group has chosen a red Möbius strip as its key visual. It symbolises the continuous flow of traffic and interlocked processes. Our question of the week can be understood as a homage to being on the move.… Read more

The mind of movement – the challenge

Our question of this week is dedicated to pedestrian simulation, or more precisely the Social Force Model which was inspired by Newton Dynamics and describes the interaction between pedestrians by mathematically formulating social and psychological impacts as forces. The question this time goes as follows:

Who was not involved in the development of the Social Force Model?

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The Mind of Movement – the challenge

Just like every Monday, we would like to invite you also today to participate in our challenge. Our question of the week focuses this time on the topic of commercial traffic, in other words the kind of traffic that is associated with the transportation of goods and the performance of services.… Read more

The Mind of Movement – the challenge

Would you like to test your knowledge about traffic and transport? From now on until early October we’ll present you every Monday our “question of the week”. Participate in our challenge, answer the question and collect tickets to increase your chances of winning a prize. In addition to receiving many attractive prizes, you have the chance to win as grand prize a trip to New York City for two people!… Read more