Solutions for urban mobility: What we learned at our User Group Meeting

What are the best solutions to optimise urban mobility?

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What are enablers and barriers when working on sustainable solutions for urban mobility? We have invited city representatives, traffic engineers and mobility providers from the public and the private sector to join our annual User Group Meeting.… Read more

Practice makes the master

Screenshot of the internet platform CAPSUT

The internet platform CAPSUT

Are you looking for an easy way to enhance your knowledge about sustainable mobility? Then have a glance at CAPSUT!

To date 290 trainings, e-learning and webinars on sustainable urban transport are listed on – an international platform dedicated to capacity building in sustainable urban transport.… Read more

Access to mobility is the goal


OECD, World Bank and other key players met at Shaping Transportation to discuss the future of mobility.

More than 250 transport policy thinkers, shapers and decision makers from 54 countries met in London in late June to discuss how to develop mobility in a sustainable way and what gaps need to be closed.Read more