Obama drives with PTV Vissim

US-President Barack Obama shakes hands with emplyees of the FHWA

US-President Barack Obama at the FHWA. Source: www.fhwa.dot.gov

This summer, U.S. President Barack Obama visited the Federal Highway Administration’s Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia, to speak about the importance of transportation. During his visit, President Obama took a ride with the Highway Driving Simulator, developed by Textron Systems Support Solutions.… Read more

Creating the world’s best city for cyclists


Copenhagen aims for becoming the bicycle-friendliest city of the world and uses PTV Vissim for planning. Image: Troels Heinen

There is hardly any other city in the world that encourages bicycle traffic like Copenhagen. It comes as no surprise that the Danish capital has set itself the goal of becoming the world’s most bicycle-friendly city.Read more

Turning the corner


To reduce the number of accidents, the local authority of the province of Arezzo integrated road safety work into the strategic planning process.

In many regions, having access to high-quality accident data cannot be taken for granted. Accident data and supplementary information are the key to proactive road safety work, a fact that Paolo Vadi knows well.Read more