#VisiOnAir: Modelling traffic-actuated signal controls with VisVAP

The use of traffic-actuated signal control has long been common in cities and local districts. Today, road users make the lights go green themselves, pedestrians by pressing a button, motorists using traffic detectors. “The traffic-actuated signal control is a response to current demand,” explains Sven Beller, modelling expert for smart traffic control systems at the PTV Group.… Read more

PTV Group launches Add-in Marketplace for Vision Traffic Suite

Within topical webinars add-in developers present their extensions of the PTV Vision Traffic Suite.

Within topical webinars add-in developers present their extensions of the PTV Vision Traffic Suite.

Continuous development has brought the transport planning software from PTV Group to where it is today: at the forefront of the industry. For a long time, new features and functionalities for PTV Visum and PTV Vissim have been created not only by their own developers, but users and partners also bring the software forward: with their own add-ins, which they program according to their requirements.Read more

Signalising Eelup Roundabout

Eelup Roundabout

Eelup Roundabout is the first signalised roundabout in Western Australia.

Spot on! In the early hours of May 21st 2012, the traffic lights were switched on at the Eelup Roundabout, making it the first signalised roundabout in Western Australia. What the public had only previously seen in a simulation was made reality.Read more

Generating signals, moving in the right direction

Signal control systems are key instruments influencing the traffic situation.

Traffic signal systems, commonly called traffic lights, influence what happens on the roads: They control traffic, improve road safety and increase the quality of traffic flow.

Assembly line production made it possible to manufacture cars which were affordable to the general public.… Read more

Psst – PTV Visum can also do traffic engineering

In urban areas junctions have an immediate impact on traffic flow which means that they need to be thoroughly planned and designed. PTV Visum is the ideal tool to manage these complex tasks.

Dynamic life in cities, gridlock on the roads. Due to the ever-increasing amount of traffic, this scenario is part of our daily life, in particular during peak hours.Read more

Meet PTV at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Safe, efficient and reliable transportation systems – that’s the basis of smart mobility.

PTV will be presenting its wide range of smart and integrative solutions at Intertraffic 2012 in Amsterdam, stand no. 11.401, from 27 – 30 March.

Photo: John Sigler, iStockphoto

Stop by the PTV stand during Intertraffic to learn more our latest PTV Vision innovations: We will be showcasing our planning tool VISUM, the traffic simulation software VISSIM and VISWALK, a tool specifically developed for pedestrian simulation.… Read more