Safer roads in China with PTV Visum Safety

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s Traffic Safety Research Centre aims to reduce the current accident rate in China and to improve road safety. In order to achieve clearly targeted efforts and investments, a data-driven approach is needed. The software behind this new methodology, that has now been implemented, is PTV Visum Safety and comes from the PTV Group.Read more

Vision Zero – A Predictable Factor?

Title of the white paper road safety

PTV Group publishes white paper about road safety.

Every day, 3,651 people die because of road accidents. This corresponds to 1.3 full AIDAblu cruisers. The global annual costs of road traffic crashes are that high that money would buy 2.6 times Apple Inc. PTV Group has published a white paper about road safety that demonstrates these and other facts and figures.Read more

Turning the corner


To reduce the number of accidents, the local authority of the province of Arezzo integrated road safety work into the strategic planning process.

In many regions, having access to high-quality accident data cannot be taken for granted. Accident data and supplementary information are the key to proactive road safety work, a fact that Paolo Vadi knows well.Read more