PTV Vissim Tip: Useful List Functionality

Vehicle Routeing Decisions – Vehicles Routes

Lists in Vissim offer a powerful way to edit network and other objects.

In addition to the obvious functionality here are some more features:

  • Move column: Click and drag a column header to the desired location. Upon dragging, a blue bar between two columns indicates the new location.
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PTV Vissim Tip: Editing Attributes of Multi-Selections

Network_Objects_EVissim includes a variety of editing functionality. Editing an attribute of several network object at once is also possible as long as only objects of the same type are selected. There are two easy ways to accomplish this (the example is shown for “Links”):

  • Open the “Links” list and multi-select the desired links(using the Shift or Ctrl keys) or
  • In the network objects sidebar, select the “Links” insert mode and “Make no types selectable” from the shortcut menu.
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