Taichung City optimises their road network with real-time traffic management software

Taichung City optimises their network with PTV Optima

Taichung City optimises their network with PTV Optima

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With currently around 2.8 million inhabitants, Taichung City’s main transport corridors are suffering from heavy congestion. Especially during  peak hours but also on holidays, the intersections in the suburban area of the Daya Region, close to the ramps of Freeway 1 and Expressway 74, are packed with traffic.… Read more

Alleviating traffic with technology:
PTV Optima 17 facilitates integration and offers new interfaces

Intelligent transportation systems like PTV Optima are the key to manage and control congested traffic networks.

PTV Optima is the key to manage and control congested traffic networks.

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While the number of cars on the road has surpassed the 1 billion-unit already in 2010, it will nearly double by 2040. This trend increases the demand for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to manage and control overly congested traffic networks.… Read more

Optimising the flow of traffic and protecting the environment – with real-time forecasting

With the help of real-time traffic forecasting, the city of Erfurt significantly reduced environmental damage.

Hitting two birds with just one stone: by adding PTV Optima to its traffic management system, the German mid-sized city Erfurt managed to optimise traffic flow on its narrow and historic roads and at the same time demonstrably reduced environmental damage and emissions.Read more

Real-time forecasting meets e-mobility

Traffic in Erfurt

Traffic management in the city of Erfurt. © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

Originally designed for petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, the transport network of today is not optimised for electromobility. Very much aware of this fact, people from all over are reluctant to make the switch to e-mobility. Furthermore, investing in an extensive network of high-speed charging points would be costly.Read more

PTV Group and INRIX to make cities smarter

Street in Paris

INRIX XD Traffic will enhance PTV Group’s data portfolio for real-time traffic management.

This week, PTV Group and INRIX announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on smart city solutions that will use big data and demand-based modelling software to solve urban mobility problems worldwide. INRIX is a leading provider of real-time traffic information.Read more

Traffic information on your fingertips

Traffic in Bukarest, Rumania

PTV Optima to display current traffic state in Bukarest.

Whilst on the DN2A between Hârşova and Crucea the traffic is flowing despite construction sites, cars on Şoseaua Mihai Bravu in Bucharest are moving at a snail’s pace this Saturday. TrafficGuide.ro enables traffic information on your fingertips!Read more