Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018: A Result and Data-Driven Recap

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Intertraffic is the world’s leading event for traffic technology professionals and we are proud to be part of the exhibitors from 21 – 24 April 2018. We are on the cusp of the deepest, fastest and most consequential disruption of transportation in history and as such, we are proud to show our latest news and innovations to help shape the future of mobility.… Read more

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Discover a whole new way to see the future of mobility. With our solution combined with the latest technology, you can experience first-hand how our software come to life. If you would like a free visitor pass, kindly send an email to with the subject line, “Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 Pass Request”.Read more

Want a healthier, smarter city to live in?

Cooperation between PTV Group and TNO

Two of the most powerful technologies have teamed up to form a comprehensive and holistic platform to urban planning called, Urban Strategy with PTV Visum. This platform works by identifying people as the central element of any given city, and then combine it with conventional city-making discipline as well as architecture and engineering so that it can recognise the influences of social issues, economic development, culture, recreational area as well as technology to provide an all-encompassing smart city dashboard.Read more

More safety – more fun


More safety -more fun: DAS FEST in Karlsruhe, photo: © Fabry/Karlsruhe Event GmbH

Open air festival will get pulses racing: It is again time to rock the Günther-Klotz open-air stage during DAS FEST in Karlsruhe, one of the largest three-day open air events in Germany, offering a fabulous mix of live music and entertainment (25 – 27 July).Read more

How real-time data helps optimize traffic and transport and improve utilization of infrastructure


Vincent Kobesen, CEO of PTV Group, speaks as a representative of the IT industry at the summit of the International Transport Forum in Leipzig

At this year’s annual summit of the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, PTV Group called on lawmakers to establish the rules and guidelines required to ensure open, standardised and secure data exchange.… Read more

Summit of transport ministers

This year’s global summit of transport ministers will take place in Leipzig, 21 – 23 May

This year’s global summit of transport ministers will take place in Leipzig, 21 – 23 May

The leading global summit of transport ministers organised by the International Transport Forum will take place from 21 – 23 May in Leipzig, Germany. Transport ministers and decision-makers from around the world will meet to discuss current issues associated with ‘Transport for a Changing World’.Read more

Cycle but safely

Businessman commuting to work

Foto: © I love Images/Corbis

Excessive speed, riding under the influence of alcohol, ignoring red lights or zebra crossings – carelessness and lack of consideration are the main causes of traffic accidents and unfortunately all too often drag innocent people into the disaster. Towns and cities are increasingly focusing on traffic safety in the strategic planning process.Read more