How do you manage two million citizens during the Pope’s visit to Colombia?

Pope Francis greeting the crowds in his Popemobile

Pope Francis greeting the crowds in his Popemobile. Image source: Pixabay

It has been 31 years since a pope visited Colombia. Each visit symbolises unity, and this time, Pope Francis wants to promote peace. The five-day trip from 6 – 11 September draws between two to three million citizens from around the country to the capital city of Bogotá.Read more

The Strategy – How Cities Manage Traffic


The PTV Group initiates the online survey “The Strategy – How Cities Manage Traffic”

It has to be commercially-viable, environmentally-friendly and socially sustainable. The long-term traffic planning efforts are considerable. But how do we translate a project into tangible action? Here, anyone would like to able to be a fly on the wall and take a look at what the neighbours’ strategy is.Read more

The first road fatality in the world



The first traffic accident has happened more than 115 years ago in United Kingdom. The first human to be victim of a through means of transport provoked accident was a 44-years old woman named Bridget Driscoll. The vehicle that has hit her belonged to an Anglo-French Motor Car Company.Read more

“Mount Klotz” quivers

More than 210,000 people conquered the Guenther-Klotz open air leisure complex on July 20 and had three days of great fun at the festival DAS FEST. Since 1985, the annual event, which is one of the largest open air festivals in Germany, has been an integral part of the entertainment programme of many residents of Karlsruhe.… Read more

The mind of movement – the challenge

Our question of this week is dedicated to pedestrian simulation, or more precisely the Social Force Model which was inspired by Newton Dynamics and describes the interaction between pedestrians by mathematically formulating social and psychological impacts as forces. The question this time goes as follows:

Who was not involved in the development of the Social Force Model?

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Urban jungle New York

Pedestrians crossing the road despite red light regardless of the traffic, cyclists using the opposite lane of the street and cars acting like they own the road being the “strongest” of all road users.

The New York traffic is rough and pretty much unhindered breaks almost all the rules of the road traffic regulations.… Read more

VISWALK: New features for escalators & moving walkways

VISSIM, VISWALK, simulation, terminal, escalator, pedestrians

The service pack 1 of VISSIM/VISWALK 5.40 also includes enhancements of the escalator/moving walkway feature:

  • Pedestrians can now walk on escalators/moving walkways. Along with the percentage of pedestrians walking you can also define the pedestrian classes affected.
  • For the location of the remaining (standing) pedestrians you can choose from left, right or random side.
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