Winnipeg – the PTV city

The city of Winnipeg uses Vision Traffic Software inter-divisionaly.

The City of Winnipeg (Canada) uses Vision Traffic Software inter-divisionaly.

If there were a PTV world championship, Winnipeg would come out on top. With PTV Visum, PTV Vissim and PTV Vistro, the Canadian city already uses three software products from the PTV Group, covering different aspects of transportation planning in the city.Read more

Obama drives with PTV Vissim

US-President Barack Obama shakes hands with emplyees of the FHWA

US-President Barack Obama at the FHWA. Source:

This summer, U.S. President Barack Obama visited the Federal Highway Administration’s Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, Virginia, to speak about the importance of transportation. During his visit, President Obama took a ride with the Highway Driving Simulator, developed by Textron Systems Support Solutions.… Read more

Sit in the driver’s seat (3D)

Would you like to see your VISSIM simulation from a driver’s seat perspective? No problem: Activate the 3D graphics mode, double click on the desired vehicle and continue the simulation. Immediately the virtual camera is attached to this vehicle and travels through the VISSIM network. To return to the previous 3D view, simply close the corresponding vehicle information window.… Read more

Wide-angle/telephoto views

Most of you surely know VISSIMs keyframe functionality to provide a storybook for 3D AVI video files. But did you know that apart from the viewing position you can also alter the focal length like in most cameras? CTRL + PageUp increases the focal length (-> telephoto lens) while CTRL + PgDown decreases it (-> wide-angle lens).… Read more

3D Display Type Options

Display types define the appearance of links, connectors and pedestrian areas. When using textures, two options help to adjust the appearance to your liking:

  • “Curved”: Useful if the texture should “bend” with the underlying link. Don’t use it for large areas compound of several objects that should appear uniformly.
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