Excited about PTV Visum 15: Working with raw GPS data

Excited about PTV Visum 15! Today, working with raw GPS data

Excited about PTV Visum 15! Get the latest tips! Today: working with raw GPS data

Get the most out of PTV Visum 15! In our blog post series “Excited about PTV Visum 15”, Michael Oliver, Solution Director PTV Visum, will share his tips and tricks, using new features and functionalities of the world’s leading transport planning software.Read more

PTV Vissim 8 – Efficient, convenient and elegant

Infographic_PTVVissim8_Highlights_ENThe world’s leading traffic simulation software is waiting for you, with new features and functionalities: with PTV Vissim 8, scenario management is now included in modelling. Other new features include the simulation of overtaking manoeuvres, as well as eye-catching graphics in the user interface and simulation output.Read more

Update of bing maps contract

Example: bing maps as background map in PTV Visum.

Example: bing maps as background map in PTV Visum.

The PTV Group has extended its contract with Microsoft to bring bing maps as background maps into PTV Visum, PTV Vissim, PTV Viswalk and PTV Vistro.

This means that customers with active maintenance contract benefit another three years without additional charges from the high resolution arials of bing maps.… Read more

New city app makes its debut


With the PTV YourCityToGo app, cities and municipalities can now make their own individual mobile applications.

From now on, cities can provide their inhabitants and visitors with a new mobile application. Whether looking for tourist information, a programme of events, transport information or the latest mobility options, users will receive all the information about their city that they want combined on a single app.Read more

3 release highlights not to miss

What features and functions does PTV Vissim 7 have to offer? We asked product management colleagues and present you with three release highlights from the current PTV Vissim version.

Window charts in PTV Vissim 7 show results and statistics in PTV Vissim 7 directly.

With PTV Vissim 7 you can visualize results and statistics directly.

Highlight No. 1 – Create charts

Excel has always been Vissim’s ‘best friend’ with regard to evaluations.… Read more

3 release highlights PTV Visum 14 has to offer

Traffic situation in Zurich

PTV Visum 14 shows up with rubberbanding, extended distributed computing and more.

Want to know more about the new release of the world’s leading transport planning software? We assembled for you the major new functionality highlights of PTV Visum 14.

Highlight No. 1 – Rubberbanding

Whether on your way to work or on the way home, you may well decide to make an unplanned stop, at the shops en route, for example.… Read more

New release: PTV Vistro 2

Shotbotique-Marc-Trautmann_PTV-VistroPTV Vistro 2 is out now! The latest version provides numerous new featueres, from those for building up networks, via analysis to reporting, adding efficiency to users’s workflow.

Find below more on the major technical advancements of the traffic engineering software or test it yourself with the free trial version of PTV Vistro 2.

Read more