New PTV Vissim/ PTV Viswalk Installation Examples ‘S-Queue With Shortcuts’

New examples for PTV Vissim / PTV Viswalk.

Today, we provide four variations of s-shaped pedestrian queuing zones where queuing aisles can be cut short. These shortcuts allow passengers to drastically reduce their walking distance at off-peak when most of the queuing area remains empty. Utilizing the new formula-based routing, a shortcut is opened as soon as the number of passengers in the next loop downstream is below a threshold value.… Read more

PTV Viswalk tip: Use of density-based partial routes

Imagine that in a bustling building, a train station for example, two pedestrians have two different paths available to them between two key points. One of the two paths can be seen for the most part, while the other has a larger section that is not initially visible (named as ‘concealed’ path).… Read more