Go Green with PTV Vistro’s Green Waves

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

It’s time to get your network coordinated with PTV Vistro. We understand that your traffic signal system needs intelligent Green Wave optimization – and with Vistro, we give you that. PTV Vistro’s powerful coordination tools can optimize entire districts, corridors, and precise routes with our user-friendly graphical-user interface, resulting in accurate, fast, and painless Green Wave optimizations.… Read more

Automate and Customize your Traffic Analysis Report with PTV Vistro

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

We know that your traffic signal optimization projects and traffic impact studies are centered around a lot of data and results. And to prevent data overload, we understand that you need an all-inclusive reporting tool that can provide the precise scale of information required for your deliverable or check document.… Read more

PTV Vistro’s Smart Scenario Management: Organize Your Next Traffic Impact Study

Automated scenario and mitigation management with PTV Vistro

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Take full advantage of PTV Vistro’s smart scenario and mitigation management system to organize countless iterations that your traffic impact study (TIS) generates.

3-Ring Binder of the Future

Back in the day of paper and pen, traffic impact studies (TIS) were usually filed in 3-ring binders, using lots of dividers and tabs, and requiring a ton of calculation hours – along with a healthy supply of white out and erasers.… Read more