PTV Group at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2019

Visit us at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2019, hall 6, booth AV7035.

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Cars are part of a large traffic ecosystem. Other road users (motorcycles, commercial vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists), national differences in driving style or weather conditions have an influence on the ego vehicle.… Read more

InnoTrans 2018 News: Giv’em what they want: TIME

Giv’em what they want: TIME

Working in the sector of public transport, you face a demanding clientele: a service user, who wants to travel from A to B as cheap, comfortable and above all punctual as possible. The difficulties of coordination behind those efforts are secondary.… Read more

InnoTrans 2018 News: PTV-Highlights

Besuchen Sie uns in Berlin auf der InnoTrans 2018, Halle 4.1, Stand 417.

Can you imagine a city where you can seamlessly transfer from one mode to another, changing from bicycles to car sharing services to trains and walking the final short stretch? We do! Visit our team in Berlin in hall 4.1 at stand 417 from September 18 – September 21 at InnoTrans 2018 and enter into dialogue with us about punctuality, last miles and future mobility.… Read more

Your ticket to InnoTrans 2018 – visit the PTV Group

Come and see us at InnoTrans 2018. Get your ticket!

Transport experts from all over the world meet every second year at InnoTrans in Berlin. With 3,500 metres of track, on which everything from tank wagons to high-speed trains is displayed, the impressive open-air grounds of InnoTrans is a unique exhibition area and therefor a magnet for visitors.… Read more

PTV Group at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2018

Visit us at Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2018, hall C2, booth AV8008.

For the second time in a row, PTV Group exhibits at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo. This year we will show visitors our offer in terms of transport.

For obvious safety reason the effects of new mobility trends and technologies such as autonomous vehicles can only be tested to a limited extent in the real world.… Read more

What if…. you could find the best route for the mode of transport you prefer?

The key to minimize misrouting is a combination of real multi-modality and integration

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When I name some of the following situations, I am sure, at least one of them will feel familiar:

  • Have you ever trusted a journey planner and ended up in a limited traffic zone or driving a one way street the wrong way down?
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What if you could turn your city from a car-friendly to a pedestrian-friendly one?

The more we ride, the more cars are on the roads

Most of us do not work as a trucker. Yet, we are on the road for a big part of our day. We go to work, to our leisure activities, we meet friends and family or we just do the grocery shopping – all distances travelled in a car.Read more