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Mariló Martín-Gasulla is a PhD candidate in transportation engineering

Mariló Martín-Gasulla is a PhD candidate in transportation engineering

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How can you achieve safe, sustainable and efficient transportation? As one of the world’s leading mobility planning software providers, we are proud that our community is championing road safety, reducing air pollution, and creating a balanced and efficient ecosystem between pedestrians and all modes of transport.

#IamIgniting is about exploring the new era of mobility through technology and what it means for transportation in cities all over the world. Since 2019 marks our company’s 40th anniversary, we want to thank you, our customers and partners, for your commitment and support. With #IamIgniting, we created a platform for open discussions about what is needed to pursue the transportation revolution.

Meet Mariló: Igniting the future of CAV platooning

As a PhD candidate in traffic engineering at the University of Florida, Mariló Martín-Gasulla ignites the future of CAV platooning. She investigates how the throughput of vehicles recovers, as the penetration rate of CAVs increases. Together with her colleagues, she has developed a simplified network to prove the reduction in throughput for lower penetration rates and analysed which percentage of CAVs is necessary for it to recover again. The calculations are based on a function of the headway kept between CAVs and human-driven vehicles. Read Mariló’s story.

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Do you want to meet more heroes or become a part of our global community and present your story? No project is too small and no mission is too big. Become an Igniter!
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