Recap: The #MindofMovement at #ITSWC18

PTV Group at ITS World Congress Copenhagen 2018

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The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) World Congress 2018 has the mission of getting all stakeholders to come together to make the necessary move towards improving the quality of life. Naturally, we were present at the congress in Copenhagen from 17 – 21 September where we offered our 40 years of experience in the field of traffic and transportation planning. We love to share our thoughts and keep the conversation going, so here’s what went down at the #ITSWC18.


Going green.

Copenhagen aims to be the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by 2025 and is on track to do so with a CO2 reduction of 25,000 tonnes/year. Companies in the traffic and mobility sector are all gunning to help optimise traffic flow and are collaborating to find ways to change the way traffic moves in cities. As our VP of Strategic Partnerships, Project Management & Services, Frédéric Reutenauer puts it, “…stop and go traffic on congested streets leads to the increase in emissions. So, the action on traffic light management reduces waiting time and the number of stops of the vehicles. In the end, there are fewer emissions and congestion through that optimisation.” Learn how the city of Strasbourg reduces emissions with our traffic software.


Cyclists rule the streets of Copenhagen.

If it’s not already obvious, Copenhagen is known for its bike-friendliness roads. In fact, 62% of its half a million inhabitants cycle to work or school, and on average, Danes cycle 1.6 km a day. To put into perspective, the kilometres cycled every day in Copenhagen is equivalent to travelling around the world 35 times. So how do they do it? Complex, modern day technology is at its heart, powered by PTV Vissim.


Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

Sydney, Australia

The journey towards a liveable Smart City is not one man’s responsibility. With the increasing number of transport modes and fast-changing travellers needs, cities are constantly struggling to improve their liveability. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, as each city requires modern, real-time solutions that not only improve transport network management but also provide smooth travel experiences for passengers. How can cities achieve this feat? The city of Sydney, Australia recently awarded Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) to enhance monitoring and management of the road network across New South Wales, coordinate the public transport network across all modes, improve management of clearways, planning of major events and improve incident clearance times, while providing real-time information and advice to the public about disruptions. But they won’t be doing it alone, as we will be the prediction software arm of CTS. Other key partners such as WSP, Mentz, and Microsoft are also collaborating in this five-year strategy to position Sydney as a global leader in multimodal transport.

Read more in our press release here.


Rethink ways to design cities.

Take a walk around your city and think about ways you would do differently for the better. City planning is by no means an easy task, but it can be made easier with technology. Our extended partnership with The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) proves to be even more relevant now with the rapid expansion of cities. TNO’s Urban Strategy, powered by our software PTV Visum, presents itself as a more holistic approach to city planning. The platform simulates impacts such as traffic, noise, air pollution, safety, and more to achieve an ideal scenario for policymakers to base their decisions on.


PTV first, then the world.

To demonstrate our capabilities, we teamed up with the International Transport Forum (ITF) and organised the Lisbon Study – a profound investigation into the workings and consequences of Mobility as a Service on cities. We took the result and reimagined it at our booth at the #ITSWC18, simulated entirely using our microsimulation software, PTV Vissim.

2,500 cities are already on the way to becoming smart cities with improved transportation networks and reduced emissions. They made theirs, when will you #MakeYourMove?

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