New PTV Vissim Demo Example ‘Cableways’

New example for PTV Vissim available now.

We have built an example that shows the simulation of cable cars in PTV Vissim. Two different systems are included in the model:

  • An up-the-mountain two-way system with two cable-connected cabins (holding up to 20 pax each)
  • A horizontal loop system with 11 cabins (holding up to 4 pax each) that travel non-stop

Both systems are interconnected at the mountain station where passengers can transfer from one system to the other. The model includes all passenger movements as well as the individual boarding and alighting procedures. Therefore, a combination of public transport lines, pedestrian routes (static and partial) together with signal controls and some scripting is used.

This example is available from PTV Vissim version 10.00-10 at \Examples Demo\Cableways.

This post is also available in: German

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About Sven Beller

In 1997, Sven Beller completed his studies in computer science at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and has been working for the PTV Group ever since. He currently works in product management for PTV Vissim and is a modelling expert for traffic simulations. His expertise covers Vissim expert level training courses, the modelling of intelligent traffic control systems and the creation of innovative pioneer applications including 3D modelling.