New PTV Vissim/ PTV Viswalk Installation Examples ‘S-Queue With Shortcuts’

New examples for PTV Vissim / PTV Viswalk.

Today, we provide four variations of s-shaped pedestrian queuing zones where queuing aisles can be cut short. These shortcuts allow passengers to drastically reduce their walking distance at off-peak when most of the queuing area remains empty. Utilizing the new formula-based routing, a shortcut is opened as soon as the number of passengers in the next loop downstream is below a threshold value. If a shortcut is closed, this is visualized with a black belt.

All examples share the same principle and differ only by dimensions and arrangement.

They are available from PTV Vissim / PTV Viswalk version 11.00-01 at \Examples Training\Pedestrians\Queuing\S-Queue With Shortcuts.

This post is also available in: German

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About Sven Beller

In 1997, Sven Beller completed his studies in computer science at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and has been working for the PTV Group ever since. He currently works in product management for PTV Vissim and is a modelling expert for traffic simulations. His expertise covers Vissim expert level training courses, the modelling of intelligent traffic control systems and the creation of innovative pioneer applications including 3D modelling.