Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018: A Result and Data-Driven Recap

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Intertraffic is the world’s leading event for traffic technology professionals and we are proud to be part of the exhibitors from 21 – 24 April 2018. We are on the cusp of the deepest, fastest and most consequential disruption of transportation in history and as such, we are proud to show our latest news and innovations to help shape the future of mobility.

We embedded a participatory wall at this year’s trade event to find out what’s buzzing in the transportation world. Below is the result of the wall, powered by market leaders and experts in the fields of smart mobility.

65% of the attendees voted that petrol and diesel engines will become obsolete in the near future. So what can be considered as the “near future”? According to The Telegraph, petrol and diesel will become obsolete by the year 2025. Of course, people will not stop driving altogether, as agreed by 90% of the voters. Driver’s license will still be around as people switch to electric vehicle en masse.

With the advent of car-sharing and ride-hailing services, a radical transformation is prevalent in the consumer behaviour. But will this affect car ownership? About 59% of the Intertraffic attendees agreed that car-sharing will only outnumber car ownership in cities where it is more convenient.

Below is the result from our online followers:

Take Singapore as an example. They have had explicitly car unfriendly policies for years. Their Certificate of Entitlement auctions which gives people the privilege of driving a car for a decade vary from a low of about $50,000 SGD right now to a high of $100,000 SGD. Congestion charges are tolled for everyone entering the central business district. Taxis are widely available, clean and very cheap. If more and more cities adapt this policy, car-sharing can easily outnumber car ownership by the year 2025.

Our Director Solution Management Traffic, Koenraad Verduyn contributed to a discussion panel covering the topic: Data as MaaS Catalyst, together with the organiser, MaaS Alliance as well as Mia Nykopp (Trafi), Sanna Pöyhönen (Leaseplan), and Michael Kieslinger (Fluidtime).

Of course, it is never enough to just have a discussion when it comes to the future of transportation. That is why we are showcasing what we can do by “transporting” the attendees of Intertraffic Amsterdam to our HQ in Karlsruhe. How? It’s not about where you are, but it’s about where you can go…with our custom virtual reality glasses.

No glasses? No worries. Our #PTVMobilityLab 360° Tour can also be viewed on any smartphones or desktop.

If you were not present at the Intertraffic Amsterdam, here is an aftermovie that highlights our successful week. Hit play now: