Lisbon Mobi Summit: Creating a coalition for new mobility solutions

Paulo Humanes on stage at the Lisbon Mobi Summit

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To discover, to test, to experiment, to know – this was the motto of the first Lisbon Mobi Summit. The initiative was kicked off on 26 January by the Portuguese Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Pedro Marques, and brings together decision-makers and mobility players from different sectors and industries. Their common goal is to share best practices and spark off debates on innovative mobility solutions. PTV Group’s Head of Strategic Global Business Development, Paulo Humanes, was among the speakers. His keynote focused on how Mobility as a Service (MaaS) drives the city of tomorrow and why a demand-responsive and shared transportation system makes cities more liveable.

In his talk, Humanes, who is originally from Lisbon, shared his vision for his hometown to become a smart city that offers a sustainable and intelligent mobility service. Based on the results of “The Lisbon Study”, he pictured Portugal’s capital offering mass transport served by fleets of shared autonomous vehicles – with disruptive effects. Covering all motorised trips with self-driving vehicles would reduce the number of vehicles needed by 90%, which, in turn, would decrease off-street parking by 80%. On-street parking could be razed out completely. This would open up free land equalling 210 football fields ready to be repurposed, for example, for recreational areas, community centres or even housing projects.

After his keynote Paulo Humanes gaves several interviews.

While car-ownership will potential go up before it drops eventually, MaaS is one way to accelerate the shift from privately owned vehicles to consumption models. Other important topics were electromobility and energy networks as well as the necessary steps to establish a political framework for a greener, safer and more efficient mobility of the future. As the three-day event was a warm-up for the main event taking place this fall, the Lisbon Mobi Summit in September will follow up on these issues to drive the urban mobility movement forward. The event is annually organised and will be expanded to other international locations from 2019 forming a global network of cities, citizens and technology companies.

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