Event Recap: TRB 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C

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TRB 2018 was an exciting, action-packed meeting with more than 5,000 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops. In conjunction with this year’s theme; Transportation: Moving the Economy of the Future, we are proud to showcase to policymakers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions our latest innovations and evolution as a brand.

Our booth was crowded on the opening day of the meeting, as our Solution Director of Management Traffic, Koenraad Verduyn performed a live demo of the PTV MaaS Modeller. It is used to calculate the relevant KPIs for effective MaaS business cases within any city infrastructure. If you’re interested to know more, visit www.ptvgroup.com/mobilitynext

As with the previous years, PTV Visum released its annual update and this time; it’s packed with new features to enhance the product experience further. Michael Oliver, the Solution Director of PTV Visum, presented the highlights in the latest version of PTV Visum 17. It offers a world-first combined multi-modal assignment, simulation of vehicle sharing schemes, upgrades to the simulation-based assignment (SBA) as well as many other useful features and add-ins to enhance your experience. Watch the teaser trailer to find out what’s new!

According to an analysis by Future Market Insights, PTV Group is one of five leading companies in the world that develops transportation predictive analytics and simulation software. As such, we are proud to announce our involvement in creating a virtual testbed for connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) using PTV Vissim and PTV Viswalk. As demonstrated by Alastair Evanson, the Solution Director of PTV Vissim & PTV Vistro, one of the highlights last year was the joint partnership with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, Nanyang Technology University and JTC government to spearhead the development of testing requirements for AVs.

Our Product Manager for PTV Vissim, Jochen Lohmiller also shared his presentation on modelling of connected and autonomous vehicles with our research project partner, CoEXist. The CoEXist project has been selected as the EU project on CAVs to explore the possibilities to establish a twinning relationship with a relevant project funded by the United States Department of Transportation.

Following that, the latest features of PTV Vissim and PTV Viswalk was also demonstrated at TRB. PTV Vissim 10 now offers matrix estimation, reverse parking, flow bundles and much more. Queuing pedestrians can also be modelled smarter in PTV Viswalk 10 with a new attribute meaning pedestrians consider all objects and route around them when queuing.What if you could find the best route for the mode of transport you prefer? What if you could turn your city from a car-friendly to a pedestrian-friendly one? What if you were prepared for every traffic eventuality there is? What if you could eliminate traffic jams before they arise? What if you could grow the space of a city without building new roads? These are all the questions to which we have the answers to with the all-new PTV Optima 17. Our Global Sales Director Real-Time, Bob Randsdorp demonstrated the latest version which provides traffic information for operators and road users with reliable forecasts for the next 60 minutes.

As a global company, we always strive for the betterment of the future of mobility. To do just that, we also focus on road safety as it is a major concern for everyone. At the meeting, our Solution Director Traffic Safety, Sofia Salek de Braun demonstrated how we could all achieve Vision Zero, a multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic.

Of course, the annual meeting will not be complete without our annual private reception. Over 400 TRB attendees made their way to the Renaissance Hotel in Washington D.C on our final day of the meeting, comprised of researchers, students, and policymakers. The reception was designed to connect and network with mobility experts in a casual setting. To make sure that you receive an invitation next year, please subscribe to our newsletter here. Also, feel free to email corporate-marketing@ptvgroup.com for high-resolution images if you would like to upload these images on your social media and tag us on Facebook @PTV AG, LinkedIn @PTV Group, and Twitter @PTVGroup; or join the conversation #MindofMovement.

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