What if you could eliminate traffic jams before they arise?

Empty roads – an ideal traffic situation that too often diverts from reality.

Traffic-chocked streets are a trial of patience for millions of drivers every day. But it’s not only the people on the road that get worked up about gridlocks. Traffic operators too are under a lot of stress to intervene. This gets easier with PTV Optima: the tool offers decision support by evaluating different scenarios based on the relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined for each strategy. The recommended strategy then helps make a trustful decision, for example when it comes to recurring events, such as tradeshows or sports matches.

Peak hours may vary from city to city, but the reactions they cause are always the same: drivers are on edge. Who wouldn’t be when a regular commute to work that should take about 30 minutes turns into a 1.5-hour nightmare of constant stop-and-go. Major sports events also often cause major traffic jams on the streets leading up to the stadium. The same holds true for concerts and tradeshows. But just because people drive to work Monday to Friday, visit an event at the weekend or have a business meeting at a tradeshow, does not mean, they have to deal with clogged streets every time. The solution: PTV technology that helps avoid congestion before it arises.

Make the right decision – at all times
With PTV Optima traffic management centres are never unprepared. Operators simulate and evaluate different strategies on the go in a virtual environment before they take action and, for example, adapt the intervals of traffic lights at a specific junction in the system. To ensure that they always opt for a measure that has a beneficial outcome for the entire network, traffic operators need a reliable solution. PTV Optima is exactly that because it covers the probable outcomes of the different scenarios. This way actions that could potentially worsen the situation are easily avoided. On the other hand, the best means to, let’s say, clear an over-capacitated road, can be identified and activated just as quickly.

Testing different scenarios only takes a few moments and the results provide the basis for a reliable decision – no matter how stressful things get in the traffic management centre. Operators are well prepared and have different options ready to be activated with a simple click. The software offers the right support because it calculates the effects of planned events and is also the right solution to deal with unexpected incidents. Here, too, it can predict their impact on the entire network structure and quickly identify the best strategy to keep the traffic flowing.

Have the necessary KPIs ready – at one glance
As every city has different traffic management objectives, the KPIs, based on which PTV Optima evaluates and compares the scenario simulations, can be adjusted accordingly. Success factors could, for example, be the minimising of travel time or travel distance to avoid long detours. This helps cut emissions and constitutes a particularly important factor for cities with environmental zones. With PTV Optima, traffic operators never lose sight of their city’s transport KPIs. What is more: they always choose the most effective strategy, no matter what the nature of the incident is – planned and recurring or unforeseen. This is why PTV Optima helps eliminate traffic jams before they arise.

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