Millennials and mobility: Students of Newcastle University share their perspectives on the mobility of tomorrow

Bringing the worlds of academia and transportation planning experts together, since 2010, PTV Group has invited MSc students from Newcastle University for a week-long visit. As part of our PTV Academics program, we provided our young students from the UK the space to jointly exchange ideas on transportation and tackle the complexity and opportunities of a new era of mobility solutions such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), real-time traffic management and road safety. 

This year, 42 students from 24 nationalities took part in the program. But what truly moves the millennials? With our strong scientific background and our collaboration with the academic world, we at PTV were very curious about Generation Ys’ dreams and visions for the mobility of the future. The result is a short video capturing a multi-faceted image of potential mobility scenarios.

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