It’s complection – not competition: MaaS & public transport services as perfect fit for urban mobility

PTV Group is presenting its MaaS solutions for cities and public transport operators at UITP Summit. (Picture: istock, Uygar Ozel)

Conventionally-powered vehicles still dominate our roads. However, autonomous modes of transport, which can also be shared by passengers, are on the rise. But what does this mean for our cities and how can new mobility services complement public transport services? PTV experts will provide the answers to these and many more questions at the world’s biggest public transport event, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, 15 – 17 May 2017, in Montreal.

With the rise of MaaS (Mobility as a Service), new questions concerning the future tasks, significance and the volume of public transport services come up. This is where opinions differ: For some, these two mobility concepts are in competition with one another. Others see MaaS operations as a perfect complement for tram, bus and train. While discussions are still ongoing, it is widely agreed that new developments in public transport will affect MaaS and vice versa. That is why PTV Group will use the UITP summit 2017 to showcase its range of advanced mobility solutions with a strong focus on MaaS for public transport. We will be present at our stand 2B154 and at different summit events and panels.

Free Innovation Guided Tour: “Mobility as a Service and combined mobility”

Giving summit participants the opportunity to come face-to-face with the most ground-breaking exhibitors hand-picked by UITP experts – that is the idea behind the Innovation Guided Tours. We are proud to be part of the MaaS tour on Monday, 4pm – 5pm. Ralf Frisch, Solution DirectorMaaS, will seize the opportunity to present our new mobility solutions.


Rethinking the public transport offer

How can the bundle of transportation models and logistics solutions help better understand MaaS? Ralf Frisch will answer this question at a panel discussion on Wednesday, 12.30pm, and demonstrate the functionalities of PTV’s MaaS Accelerator Program. It offers a complete portfolio of software components for planning MaaS operations, including operation and control of MaaS in any city of the world.

Presenting PTV Group’s hometown Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe – a cluster for transport innovation (Picture: Karlsruhe Tourismus GmbH)

The so called Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion is one of Europe’s leading business and innovation regions. It features a healthy mix of multinationals, world-leading scientific institutions, SMEs and start-ups. It also offers various pool positions in the area of mobility which include a pilot area for autonomous and connected driving and the city’s tram-train system that has gained worldwide recognition. What is more, Karlsruhe is Germany’s bicycle and car-sharing capital. Not surprisingly, the organisers of UITP dedicated a whole panel discussion to “Karlsruhe: Cluster for Transport Innovation”, with speakers from major mobility companies, politics and public transport providers. Ralf Frisch will be representing PTV Group.

Meet us at UITP:

  • Monday to Wednesday: booth 2B154
  • Monday, May15th, 4pm: Free Innovation Guided Tour “Mobility as a Service”
  • Tuesday, May 16th, 11am, level 5/518A: panel discussion “Karlsruhe: cluster for transport innovation”
  • Wednesday, May 17th, 12:30pm, level 5/513 CD: Discussion “Rethinking the public transport offer: service excellence up until the last mile”