PTV Vissim Service Pack Extension: New Examples and 3D Models

The service pack 6 for PTV Vissim also includes two new 3D models for buses.

GEH statistic, saturation flow at signal, car park distribution and more 3D buses and trams – as of now, these new example files and 3D models will be available in the service pack for the microsimulation software PTV Vissim. The examples demonstrate how to model and visualise specific topics that were frequently requested by customers. By utilising these examples you can learn how to work with PTV Vissim more efficiently. Plus, you can use them for your own models, for example by importing network objects or applying one of the layouts provided.


Example “GEH statistic”

GEH statistic is a standard approach to compare two sets of traffic volumes (count data vs. modelled data) commonly used in practice. This example shows how to get GEH statistic for node movements and for data collection measurements by means of user-defined attributes (UDA) and formulas. The results are presented as labels, link colour scheme and as charts.

Example “saturation flow at signal”

Saturation flow is one of the basic calibration targets used in microsimulation. This example demonstrates the evaluation of the effective saturation flow at a signal control and its variance according to certain driving behaviour parameters. It shows:

  • how to measure the saturation flow at a traffic signal,
  • the influence of varying driving behaviour parameters on the saturation flow,
  • how user-defined attributes (UDA) and formulas can be used to show live labels with input and output information during a simulation run.

Example “car park distribution”

This example shows various modelling options to distribute vehicles between different car parks. Another network file contains the examples without dynamic assignment.

3D models for bus and tram

The service pack also includes four new 3D models, most of them consisting of several model segments:

  • “Bus – C2 Standard”
    • Representation of a recent standard Citaro bus including animated doors and interior seats. Updated with additional colour feature (see below) and reduced file size. Also available in a left-door version.
  • “Bus – C2 G 3-doors”
    • An articulated version of “Bus – C2 Standard”. Also available for left-hand traffic.
  • “Tram – Vario 6Z”
    • New tram model with various segments and including animated doors. Also available for metre gauge (Tram – Vario 1000 6Z)
  • “Tram – Vario 8Z”
    • Longer version of Vario 6Z, also with various segments and including animated doors. Also available for metre gauge (Tram – Vario 1000 8Z)

For all of the above models some parts of the vehicle body are defined in such a way that they can be coloured individually (in addition to the colour of the PT line). This is defined in the corresponding vehicle type by assigning colour distributions for vehicle colours 2 and 3. If these are not set, the PT line colour is used for the corresponding parts instead.

You can download the service pack or access it via the PTV Vissim menu: Help -> Service Pack Download.

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