PTV Vissim Tip: Useful List Functionality

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Lists in Vissim offer a powerful way to edit network and other objects.

In addition to the obvious functionality here are some more features:

  • Move column: Click and drag a column header to the desired location. Upon dragging, a blue bar between two columns indicates the new location.
  • Column sort:
    • Right click on the column header – Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.
    • This also works for multiple columns. Then sorting starts at the leftmost column.
    • Hierarchical sorting is also possible, as the sorting result is retained if possible. Example: To get the link list sorted by display types and within each display type by length: first sort by length, secondly by display type.
  • Optimum width: Right click – Set Optimum width for all columns
  • Cell formatting: For each attribute column additional settings can be done in the Select attributes dialog:
    • Alignment (left, center, right)
    • Decimals (for non-integer numbers)
    • Show and format units (e.g. mi, km)

Attribute Selection

  • For attributes with a unit, a value can be entered in any one of the supported units. Vissim then automatically recalculates the value to the set unit (even if the unit is not shown in the cell).
  • You can even use simple math operations to adjust cell values: for example =+5 adds 5 to the current cell value. Similarly you can use -, * and / for subtraction, multiplication and division. This also works for multi-selections.

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