Safer roads in China with PTV Visum Safety

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s Traffic Safety Research Centre aims to reduce the current accident rate in China and to improve road safety. In order to achieve clearly targeted efforts and investments, a data-driven approach is needed. The software behind this new methodology, that has now been implemented, is PTV Visum Safety and comes from the PTV Group.

Facing a rising population, Chinese cities are the world’s drivers in terms of the development and expansion of public transport infrastructure. Although this network is constantly growing, private car ownership also reached a record of 154 million in 2014. By 2050, it is predicted that up to one billion vehicles will be on the roads.

Along with the growing number of cars, cities face problems like congestion, air pollution and an alarming number of traffic accidents, which are increasing with the growing motorisation rate. According to the World Health Organization, China has the highest estimated number of road traffic deaths in the world: more than 275,000 per year. These mainly involve vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

“Applying PTV Visum Safety can have a great impact on improving traffic safety in China”, says Andre Münch, Director Traffic Safety at PTV Group. “PTV Visum Safety clearly visualises crash data collected by the police and identifies black spots and high-risk sections. Detailed statistics will help analysts find similarities in contributing factors in crash clusters. On this basis, appropriate mitigation measures can be developed and evaluated.”

While Black Spot Management is one of the reactive components, Network Safety Management (NSM) and Road Safety Impact Assessment (RIA) are also proactive components of PTV Visum Safety. They enable planners and road safety experts to integrate aspects of traffic safety into strategic transportation planning decisions from the very beginning.

Participants of a PTV Visum Safety training in Lijiang.

Participants of a PTV Visum Safety training in Lijiang.

Andre Münch: “We continue to support the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Safety Research Centre in familiarising itself with the PTV Visum Safety technology. Moreover, we are also proud to have welcomed participants from Ningbo traffic police, Ningbo University staff, Chinese South-East University, Shenzhen Polytechnic University, and the Haikou Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute in our workshops and trainings. PTV Group wants to help countries building capacity for road safety. This is why we have committed ourselves to share our profound experience and software technology.”

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  1. Hi, good to see that this PTV solution is getting more and more often used to improve road safety, in particular in a huge country like China. May it help to save a lot of lifes.

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