#VisiOnAir: Modelling traffic-actuated signal controls with VisVAP

The use of traffic-actuated signal control has long been common in cities and local districts. Today, road users make the lights go green themselves, pedestrians by pressing a button, motorists using traffic detectors. “The traffic-actuated signal control is a response to current demand,” explains Sven Beller, modelling expert for smart traffic control systems at the PTV Group. “Variables such as cycle time, green time, number of stages and the stage sequence may be adjusted individually during this control procedure.” The traffic-actuated signal control is therefore ideally suited to junctions where traffic volumes vary.

With PTV Vissim, traffic engineers can test the commissioning of every planned signal control – whether fixed-time, traffic-actuated or public transport preemption. The fixed-timed control can even be optimised in Vissim.

By upgrading PTV Vissim with the VisVAP add-on, traffic-actuated signal controls and traffic management systems can easily be implemented by means of flow charts and tested in a safe but realistic simulation environment.

In our webinar “Modelling traffic-actuated signal controls with VisVAP”, with the help of a simple example we will show you how to develop traffic-actuated signal controls from scratch. It includes the definition of the relevant stage-based signal data with Vissig, the creation of the flow chart with VisVAP and the subsequent simulation with PTV Vissim:

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