Pro-activity is needed

Infographic showing road safety analysis with PTV Visum Safety

How to bring your Vision Zero to life? – Click to enlarge our infographic.

How can you bring your Vision Zero to life? Worldwide, experts deal with that question. So does the PTV Group. What we see is that road safety is often considered as an afterthought. But pro-active nations such as Sweden show us how important a holistic approach is if you want to increase road safety. They start from the assumption that people make mistakes. That is why the system has to be made for people; and not the other way around. Thus road safety gains in importance within strategic transport planning. With success: Although the number of cars in circulation in Sweden has doubled since 1970, the number of road deaths has fallen by 80 percent during the same period. In 2013, only 264 people died because of a road accident, a record low.

Our infographic shows how software such as PTV Visum Safety can support the paradigm shift. Click the image above to enlarge the infographic. If you want to learn more about road safety, download our free white paper and register to our topical webinars in early September.

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