It’s complection – not competition: MaaS & public transport services as perfect fit for urban mobility

PTV Group is presenting its MaaS solutions for cities and public transport operators at UITP Summit. (Picture: istock, Uygar Ozel)

Conventionally-powered vehicles still dominate our roads. However, autonomous modes of transport, which can also be shared by passengers, are on the rise. But what does this mean for our cities and how can new mobility services complement public transport services?Read more

Find us at the “Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo”

Welcome at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology World Expo 2017, June 20-22, Messe Stuttgart.

To predict the impact of the latest mobility trends and technologies (like autonomous vehicles) on the user behaviour, the transportation infrastructure or cities, industries R&D departments depend on tools, that provide the corresponding know-how.Read more

Webinar: Why Simulate Connected & Autonomous Vehicles On Our Transport Systems?

Advancements in technology and increases demand over the past few years has seen Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s) take centre stage in discussions about the look of future vehicle fleets. Many of the top automotive manufacturers and technology companies have advanced prototypes operating on our roads and are working towards the day when cars do everything and you’re just along for the ride.Read more

PTV Vissim Service Pack Extension: New Examples and 3D Models

The service pack 6 for PTV Vissim also includes two new 3D models for buses.

GEH statistic, saturation flow at signal, car park distribution and more 3D buses and trams – as of now, these new example files and 3D models will be available in the service pack for the microsimulation software PTV Vissim.Read more

Optimising the flow of traffic and protecting the environment – with real-time forecasting

With the help of real-time traffic forecasting, the city of Erfurt significantly reduced environmental damage.

Hitting two birds with just one stone: by adding PTV Optima to its traffic management system, the German mid-sized city Erfurt managed to optimise traffic flow on its narrow and historic roads and at the same time demonstrably reduced environmental damage and emissions.Read more

From pedal cycling in Kenya to bus demand in Johannesburg

It is the place to be for transport modellers from all over Africa and beyond: the 5th International Choice Modelling Conference (ICMC) in Cape Town, South Africa (3-5 April). For PTV Group, this is a very special event, not just because we are sponsoring it and helped set up three session.Read more

PTV Group and IPG Automotive Offer New Interface for Virtual Test Driving

Virtual test driving by IPG Automotive now features microscopic traffic simulation with PTV Vissim

PTV Group and IPG Automotive now offer a complete solution for driving simulation in a virtual environment. This is made possible by a specially developed interface which enables the communication between PTV Vissim, PTV Group’s traffic simulation software, and the CarMaker product family, the simulation solutions for virtual test driving by IPG Automotive.Read more