Millennials and mobility: Students of Newcastle University share their perspectives on the mobility of tomorrow

Bringing the worlds of academia and transportation planning experts together, since 2010, PTV Group has invited MSc students from Newcastle University for a week-long visit. As part of our PTV Academics program, we provided our young students from the UK the space to jointly exchange ideas on transportation and tackle the complexity and opportunities of a new era of mobility solutions such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), real-time traffic management and road safety. Read more

Want a healthier, smarter city to live in?

Cooperation between PTV Group and TNO

Two of the most powerful technologies have teamed up to form a comprehensive and holistic platform to urban planning called, Urban Strategy with PTV Visum. This platform works by identifying people as the central element of any given city, and then combine it with conventional city-making discipline as well as architecture and engineering so that it can recognise the influences of social issues, economic development, culture, recreational area as well as technology to provide an all-encompassing smart city dashboard.Read more

Explore the future of mobility with us at ITS Europe in Strasbourg

See how PTV Group can completely change what’s possible. We are excited to show you at ITS Europe 2017 (19-22 June, 2017) all the things that can be done when you move beyond the borders of mobility.

What can you expect at the PTV booth?
Equip yourself with mobility tools, and then prepare to step into the future where we show you what it can look like.… Read more

Simulation-based forecasting of the impact of autonomous driving

Simulating with PTV Vissim. Left side: real world application, right side PTV Vissim simulation.

Advancements in technology and increased demand over the past few years have seen Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV’s) take centre stage in discussions about the look of future vehicle fleets. Many of the top automotive manufacturers and technology companies have advanced prototypes operating on our roads and are working towards the day when cars do everything and you’re just along for the ride.Read more

PTV Visum SBA Video Series – Dynamic Traffic Assignment in a tiered system

There are three types of private transport assignment available for PTV Visum users:

  1. Static assignment
  2. Analytical dynamic assignment
  3. Pseudo-dynamic assignment with ICA

They provide good results for long-term and strategic planning but there are situations where users need a more detailed representation of the dynamics of congestion and traffic flow.

Read more

Recap – 2017 UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Montreal

“Leading the transition means to lead the change, not be followers” – Alain Flausch, UITP Secretary General


City of Montreal

In conjunction with this year’s theme ‘Lead the TRANSITion’, PTV Group is leading and paving the way towards better and smarter cities by rethinking the public transport service.Read more