Road safety gadgets: When gaming meets the driving simulator

Visualizations help create road safety gadgets

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Online gaming is not only fun, but a growing market already exceeding the film production and streaming industries. And it is often associated with popular games produced by leading gaming company Unity At PTV Group, we’ve noticed that the cutting-edge visualizations by Unity could also be helpful to create road safety gadgets that keep drivers and pedestrians away from accidents.… Read more

Go Green with PTV Vistro’s Green Waves

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It’s time to get your network coordinated with PTV Vistro. We understand that your traffic signal system needs intelligent Green Wave optimization – and with Vistro, we give you that. PTV Vistro’s powerful coordination tools can optimize entire districts, corridors, and precise routes with our user-friendly graphical-user interface, resulting in accurate, fast, and painless Green Wave optimizations.… Read more

Automate and Customize your Traffic Analysis Report with PTV Vistro

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We know that your traffic signal optimization projects and traffic impact studies are centered around a lot of data and results. And to prevent data overload, we understand that you need an all-inclusive reporting tool that can provide the precise scale of information required for your deliverable or check document.… Read more

MaaS and autonomous vehicles: What impact will technology have on mobility in Oslo?

How does MaaS impact mobility services in Oslo?

Mobility as a Service in Oslo

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

What does a transport model that analyses the potential of Mobility as a Service and autonomous vehicles in the Norwegian capital look like? With the COWI Group and Oslo’s public transport authority, Ruter, we have analysed in four main scenarios, how on-demand shared mobility can make travelling around Oslo smarter and more efficient.… Read more