PTV Group and IPG Automotive Offer New Interface for Virtual Test Driving

Virtual test driving by IPG Automotive now features microscopic traffic simulation with PTV Vissim

PTV Group and IPG Automotive now offer a complete solution for driving simulation in a virtual environment. This is made possible by a specially developed interface which enables the communication between PTV Vissim, PTV Group’s traffic simulation software, and the CarMaker product family, the simulation solutions for virtual test driving by IPG Automotive.Read more

Experience first-hand virtual test driving at the IPG Automotive 2017 Open House

PTV Group at the “Open House” of IPG Automotive.

Open House 2017, the industry leading event for virtual test driving organised by IPG Automotive returns to Karlsruhe this March. The event serves as a platform for experts including, automotive OEMs, suppliers, academics and researchers to network, exchange knowledge, share best practice and learn about ongoing innovations in the sector.Read more

Spring Webinar series: Get the most out of the new PTV Visum 16 features!

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Our smart product managers of PTV Visum want to give you some special tipps and insights about the higlights of PTV Visum 16 functionalities. Participate in one of the following webinars – or all three – to gain valuable knowledge from our experts:

Simulation based assignment & time dynamic evaluation
Thu., 28 February at 10 am CET

A new dynamic assignment procedure is available in PTV Visum 16.… Read more

Melbourne launches world 1st living transport lab

Melbourne is rapidly developing as one of the truly intelligently planned and managed cities of the world.

The fringe of Melbourne’s CBD will become a connected transport living lab from next year, in an ambitious project that will connect data from vehicles, bicycles, transport infrastructure and more, to prevent traffic jams and crashes, and cut travel times and carbon emissions.Read more

Streamline your traffic studies with OpenRoads ConceptStation and PTV Vissim

Discover how combining Bentley’s OpenRoads ConceptStation with PTV VISSIM provides a competitive advantage.

In September this year, Bentley Systems announced OpenRoads ConceptStation, a conceptual modeling application that empowers highway engineering professionals to quickly create conceptual road and bridge models in a matter of hours – not days.Read more